Representative Salzman’s Accomplishments

2021-2022 Florida House Legislative Session Summary

Tax Money returned to our area through Appropriations ~$20M for the District & Escambia County


Rep. Salzman Successfully passed proclaimation signed by the Speaker  to designate November 7-13th as Veterans Week  

CS/HB 663 – Cottage Food Operations


Increases annual gross sales limitation for exempting cottage food operations from certain food/building permitting requirements.

Allows partnerships and Internet sales.

HB 5 – Civic Education Curriculum

Co-Sponsored legislation requiring High School Civics Classes.

Hosted or Co-Hosted 6 Town halls & Public Forums

Michelle’s met with hundreds of constiuents during the town halls, hosted all over District 1 and Escambia County.

Key Accomplishments

  • Brought home ~$20M in appropriations funding, tax money returned to our community.
  • Passed CS/HB 663- Cottage Food Operations, loosening Regulations on Small Business.
  • Passed CS/838 HB/557 – Fire Investigator Cancer Treatment Benefits which expands certain cancer treatment coverage to these First Responders.
  • Passed CS/HB 1583 – which imposes TERM LIMITS on ECUA, revises qualification requirements for their Executive Director, and provides requirements to fill board vacancies.
  • HB 1189 – Firefighters Relief & Pension Fund of the City of Pensacola & Escambia County (Prime Co) – Removes reductions to a retirees spousal benefits & the prohibition of remarriage for the window or widower, and provides pensionable overtime hours and basic life support.
  • Passed 62 co-sponsored bills
  • Passed Hazardous Walking Conditions Study
  • Passed monumental 2021 Gaming Compact 
  • Processed over a hundred constituent cases
  • Hosted or Co-Hosted 6 Town halls & Public Forums
  • Over $30,000 donated to local non-profits from leftover campaign funds.
  • Solidified new funding partnerships within the district (outside of legislation)
CS/HB 663 – Cottage Food Operations
  • Increases annual gross sales limitation for exempting cottage food operations from certain food/building permitting requirements.

  • HB 259 (CoSponsor)- Safety of Religious Institutions – Authorizes in specific instances certified individuals to carry firearms into religious institutions.
  • HB 5 (CoSponsor) – Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality.  Revises policies for abortion and prohibits abortions after 15 weeks following gestation. 
  • HB 31 – Firefighter Inquiries and Investigation to provide certain rights to Firefighters during informal inquiry. 
  • Adopted 7 Publications, including the creation of Veterans Week in Florida.
  • Recovered over $100,000 for constituents
  • Created a Mental Health Task Force to assist with connecting organizations, measuring the state of mental illness in the Panhandle, along with creating & executing action plans for results.
  • Hosted 4 Food Distributions in District
  • Visited numerous local churches and Neighborhood watch meetings
  • Attends monthly County Commission and City Hall meetings to bridge access.
  • Passed a balanced budget of 2021 $101.5 billion
    • Saved $6 billion into state Reserves, rainy day fund
    • Provides $169 million in tax relief for Floridians
    • Dedicated $625 million to Environmental efforts
    • $28 million state dollars to Florida’s military presence and their families & military research/development
    • $37.5 million in state agency funding for Cybersecurity
HB 229 – Hazardous Walking Conditions for K-12 Students

As a result of Rep. Salzman’s legislation a study will be conducted by the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA).  It’s been ordered by the Speaker’s Office to determine what conditions are considered safe for students walking, including busy roadways, overpasses, and bridges.

Passed Appropriations

  • $2,500,000 for the Bluff’s Transportation Project to help bring higher paying jobs and allow a future for Escambia County residents.
  • $5,000,000 for Bluffs / South Extension
  • $2,335,000 for UWF HVAC Replacement
  • $1,050,000 for UWF Critical Fire Alarm System Replacement
  • $1,000,000 to be allocated for the Take Stock in College program (Total)
  • 1,301,892 for the City of Century Water Meters project
  • $468,453 for the Century Well & Water Plant Rehab
  • $468,453 to help fund the much needed Well and Water Plant Rehabilitation project in Century to bring clean water to the city for drinking.
  • 245,000 for mental health services in Flanger for a Drop-In center.


Other Appropriations

  • University of West Florida – Hurricane Sally Damage Mitigation and Repairs- (funded through main budget)
  • Century Water Meter Replacement Project  (funded by state grants)
  • Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site Preservation and Operations  (will re-file)
  • Escambia County Underserved Workforce Initiative (will re-file)


    • HR 8063 – Wolf-Hirschhorn/4p- Syndrome Awareness Day
      • Designates April 16, 2021 as Wolf-Hirschhorn/4p- Syndrome Awareness Day
    • HR 8065 – Veterans Week
      • Designates week of November 7-13, 2021 and November 6-12th, 2022 as “Veterans Week” in Florida
    • HR 8067 – Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Awareness Month
      • Designates September 2021 as “Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Awareness Month” in Florida
    • HR 8079 – Adams-Onis Treaty
      • Honors 200th anniversary of the proclamation of Adams-Onis Treaty ceding Florida to the U.S., and designates February 22, 2021 as “Florida Treaty Day”
    • HR 8081 – 200th Anniversary of St. Johns County
      • Recognizes July 21, 2021 as 200th anniversary of St. Johns County
    • HB 8053 – Designates April 2022 Autism Awareness Month in Florida
    • HB 8047 – VATER Syndrome Awareness Month.  Designates February 2022 as “VATER Syndrome Awareness Month” in Florida.


    • Recognizes July 21, 2021 as 200th anniversary of St. Johns Counties.

    Additional Sponsored Legislative Bills

    • HB 627 – Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia-Related Disorders Education (Requires DOH & Dept. of Elderly Affairs & Alzheimer’s Association to create information about Alzheimer’s and dementia-related disorders to certain health care providers*)

    • HB 407 – Pediatric Cardiac Care (Revises requirements for pediatric cardiac advisory panel and panel changes, meeting frequency, sovereign immunity, and giving new duties to secretary*)

    • HB 759 – Regulation of Donor Human Milk Banks (Requires DOH to establish minimum standards on regulating donor human milk banks*)

    • HB 799 – Criminal Sentencing (Addresses alternative sanctions program, creates new provisions including for violations of community sanctions and criminal traffic offenses*)

    • HB 975 – Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, Escambia County (Revises board member requirements and membership, and creates administrative guidelines on various aspects of Authority.

    • HB 1571 – Workforce Retention (Addresses employers relocating out of state and establish guidelines regarding individuals relocating*)

        Passed Co-Sponsored Legislation


        • HB 241 – Parents Bill of Rights – Outlines parental rights for a minors child’s education and expands the involvement of the parent in their child’s school & health. 
        • CS/CS/HB 3 – Home Book Delivery for Elementary Students (Provides credits against specific taxes/adjusts tax credit requirements)

        • HB 5 – Civic Education Curriculum (Revises social studies high school graduation credit requirement for civic education)

        • CS/HB 157 – First Aid Training in Public Schools (Revises grade levels that school districts are encouraged to provide certain first aid training)

        • CS/CS/HB 173 – Individual Education Plan Requirements for Students with Disabilities (Changes provisions for IEPs and their requirements to include postsecondary education and career opportunities for students with disabilities)

        • HB 217 – Conservation Area Designations (Designates Southeast Florida Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation Area (CRECA) as Kristin Jacobs CRECA)
          • CS/CS/HB 259 – Safety of Religious Institutions (Authorizes in specific instances certified individuals to carry firearms into religious institutions

          • CS/HB 363 – Privileged Communications Made to Crime Stoppers Organizations (Regulates privileged communication and information, provides immunity in certain instances)

          • CS/CS/CS/HB – Purple Star Campuses (Establishes Purple Star Campus program, pertaining to military-connected children)

          • HB 435 – Veterans Employment and Training (Directs Florida Is For Veterans, Inc., to serve for the state in the SkillBridge program)

          • CS/CS/HB 673 – DNA Evidence Collected in Sexual Offense Investigations  (Requires FDLE to create statewide database for tracking sexual offense evidence kits)

          • CS/CS/CS/HB 805 – Volunteer Ambulance Services (Authorizes certain volunteer entities to use red lights on privately owned vehicles for specific instances)

          • CS/HB 845 – Higher Education (Prohibits use of state funds to pay for memberships in associations for specific instances)

          • HB 871 – Sovereign Immunity for Child Protection Teams (Revises certain terms as they apply to personal liability immunity for Child Protection Teams

          • CS/CS/HB 1189 – Victims of Sexual Offenses

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