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Last week the Florida PTA hosted their annual LegCon (legislative conference). I enjoyed speaking with the members and answering their questions about legislation. PTA has a unique ability to advocate for all children~ Florida is blessed to have engaged parents...

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Take time to ‘read’ one another’s story… let’s bring the humanity back to human kind 💕 Thank you Chick-fil-A Nine Mile Road for your continued support of our Mental Health Task Force.

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It was great meeting with Mike Carroll with Lutheran Services Florida, Inc. Lutheran Services is a key partner with Gulf Coast Kid’s House in our community. We are grateful for all that they do! #children #mentalhealth

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This morning we are judging in the Escambia County School District History Fair. There are so many great displays and topics! I always enjoy this event and am honored to be a part of my Escambia County Council PTA team. DISCLAIMER: The photos of boards here are a few...

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This week our House Bill 557 passed unanimously in its second committee ~ This bill expands cancer coverage for firefighters to include the fire investigators. We spent time in interviews discussing the importance of this great legislation right before presenting the...